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Ancillary Healthcare

What is Ancillary Healthcare?

Ancillary healthcare businesses supplement the care provided by physician medical practices and hospitals by providing ancillary products and services utilized by direct patient care providers. These ancillary businesses are an integral part of the conventional healthcare system.

The healthcare business industry is one of rapid change. Mergers, acquisitions, solo owners, and service providers are constantly buying and selling ancillary healthcare businesses. Changes in regulations can alter direct patient care provider needs and therefore alter ancillary healthcare needs and business valuations. These are important moving targets that fluctuate constantly and the team at Key Healthcare Business Brokers monitors them daily.

Ancillary healthcare businesses include custodial, diagnostic, therapeutic, and operational healthcare businesses. Custodial ancillary businesses include nursing homes, home health care businesses, home infusion healthcare businesses, medical daycare businesses, private nursing businesses, and hospice care businesses. Diagnostic ancillary healthcare businesses include diagnostic imaging services, sleep laboratories, medical laboratories, cardiac monitoring, mobile medical diagnostic services, and tissue banks. Operational ancillary healthcare businesses include healthcare billing companies, healthcare financial reporting businesses, healthcare revenue cycle management businesses, health staffing businesses, healthcare IT businesses, electronic health records businesses, and healthcare credentialing businesses. Therapeutic ancillary healthcare businesses include durable medical equipment (DME) businesses, pharmacies, infusion healthcare businesses, ventilator businesses, wound care businesses, healthcare food services businesses, and healthcare supplement companies.