We Buy, Sell, Value and Optimize Ancillary Healthcare Businesses Across The United States

Healthcare Business Acquisition Strategies

How to acquire and merge ancillary healthcare businesses.

The acquisitions team at Key Healthcare Business Brokers works with prospective buyers from all across the United States and across the globe seeking profitable ancillary healthcare businesses to purchase or merge with existing healthcare operations. We have developed a general criteria list that our buyers find helpful in narrowing down search criteria so we may begin our more detailed work. Below is a list, and by no means an exhaustive one, of general criteria that prospective buyers may take into consideration when first searching for an ancillary healthcare business to buy: 

  • Type of Number of Ancillary Healthcare Business:

    (See our Who We Serve page for breakouts in each category)

    • Custodial, Diagnostic, Operational, or Therapeutic Ancillary Healthcare Business
    • Single location or multiple locations
  • Geographical and Demographics Preferences:
    • State
    • City
    • Zip Code
    • Area Demographics: Age, Economy, Income
    • Number and Type of Competing Healthcare Businesses
    • Cultural Amenities; Restaurant/Shopping/Entertainment; Schools
  • Size of Healthcare Business:
    • New Business; 2-5 Year Since Inception; or Mature Business 5+ years
    • Staff: Retain or Replace
  • Office/Facility Space: 
    • Leased space
    • REO – Real Estate Owned
  • Income and Pre-qualifications: 
    • Net healthcare business income
    • Debt structure and debt service
    • Overhead vs. cash flow
    • Pre-qualified buyer: licensure, credit score, pre-qualified loan
    • ROI
    • Payer mix: Self-Pay, Medicare, Medicaid, government, VA, private insurance, 
    • Growth opportunity

This preliminary road map is helping in assisting us in finding the perfect ancillary healthcare business for you. Please call us with your completed preliminary criteria list and we will be happy to discuss details with you. 

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