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How to Value an Ancillary Healthcare Business

Understanding Ancillary Healthcare Business Valuation

How Much is My Healthcare Business Worth?

Key Healthcare Business Brokers (KHBB) has unique experience in healthcare business valuation. At Key Healthcare Business Brokers, we have hands-on experience in the operations side of the ancillary healthcare business. This experience coupled with healthcare financial consulting and healthcare business brokerage expertise makes Key Healthcare Business Brokers a unique leader in the healthcare business industry. 

Properly determining the optimum value of your healthcare business is critical to a successful outcome for both buyer and seller. As Ancillary Healthcare Business Experts, Key Healthcare Business Brokers (KHBB) follows different business valuation methodologiesdepending on whether the business owner is selling to another ancillary healthcare business, assessing value for a merger, buy-in or partnership, or if the healthcare business owner(s) are planning retirement or industry exit.  These different approaches are discussed with you in detail as we learn more about your healthcare business and our business goals. This helps us prepare and povide a fair market healthcare business appraisal for you.


6 Key Steps in Healthcare Business Valuation

Our healthcare business appraisals include:

  • Pre-transaction Consulting Services – would it be better to optimize a sector, product or service before bringing your healthcare business to market? Pre-transaction Consulting Services is one of KHBB’s key areas of expertise that other brokerage firms often overlook. This can significantly impact the bottom line of the sale of your healthcare business   
  • Valuation: intangible assets – expertise, goodwill, experience, intellectual property  
  • Valuation: fixed and tangible assets such as specialized machinery, FF&E: furniture, fixtures, and equipment
  • Assessment: business financials – billing cycle assessment, cash on hand, gross income, debt service, fixed and overhead
  • Market positioning: geography: local, national; assessment of pre-market, private equity and open market exposure 
  • Healthcare Business Valuation: Delivery of healthcare business appraisal prior to commencement of marketing cycle

How To Sell A Healthcare Business Key Healthcare Business Brokers