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How To Sell An Ancillary Healthcare Business

Key Healthcare Business Broker’s Six-Step Proven Process How To Sell a Healthcare Business

Determining the optimum value of your healthcare business is the first step in how to sell an ancillary healthcare business. A critical step for success for both buyer and seller. As Ancillary Healthcare Business Experts, we are skilled in our methodology to gather data, monitor current market trends, and position your healthcare business for sale for the highest and best use.

How To Sell a Healthcare Business:

  1. Discovery – Details are Dynamic
    We spend a great deal of time on our initial call to deeply understand you, your healthcare business, and your immediate and long-term business goals and vision. We know how important your healthcare business is to you. This discovery call helps to determine whether we are a good fit. We do not service all healthcare businesses. Only those that we feel
  2. Understanding Your Healthcare Business Value
    Upon engagement, we educate you on the value of your healthcare business as it pertains to the current marketplace. Criteria is constantly changing. Deal structure, value proposition, and fee structures help you to make educated decisions along the path of selling your healthcare business  
  3. Analysis – See What Others Can’t See
    How soon do you wish to sell your healthcare business? Immediately? 6 months? One year? 2-5 years? This can make a difference in your selling price. Financial and operational data including adjusted EBITDA begin to formulate your unique healthcare business story. Our extensive experience including hands-on healthcare business ownership and operations, financial consulting and healthcare business brokerage helps to highlight hidden value in your business that other brokerage firms often overlook. Our detailed pre-transaction analysis helps to position your healthcare business in the best light.
  4. Market Presentation
    Our extensive network of qualified buyers and private equity investors allows us to present your healthcare to an active and qualified targeted market. We offer pre-sale viewing to select buyers when we know they are a good fit. Then, we advance to the broader market.
  5. Post-Transaction Analysis
    Post-transaction analysis is another one of our specialties where we perform working capital reconciliations, provide balance sheet analysis, and assist with integration of services.
  6. Closing Process – Dotting I’s and Crossing T’s
    Closing processes can involve hundreds of steps. A deal is not a deal until the deal is closed and funded. Our team is with you every step of the way. We value our clients greatly and we go the extra mile to make sure the job done and done right.
How To Sell A Healthcare Business Key Healthcare Business Brokers