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What We Do

Sought-After Healthcare Business Experts

What We Do: Key Healthcare Business Brokers brings 22 years of hands-on healthcare business brokerage, healthcare financial consulting, and healthcare business consulting experience serving ancillary healthcare business owners and equity investor groups nationwide. Specializing in healthcare businesses for sale, the Key Healthcare Business Brokers team is often included as an integral part of the financial teams of healthcare businesses whether partnering with sole owners or large healthcare equity investor groups. We are able to provide insight from perspectives that business owners may be too close to their own businesses to see.

What is an Ancillary Healthcare Business?

Ancillary healthcare businesses supplement the care provided by physician practices and hospitals and provide services and products utilized by direct patient care providers.  Please refer to our homepage, the footer on each page of this website and to our Who We Serve page to see the ancillary healthcare businesses that we serve and support. We do not serve medical practices and hospitals and instead focus on what we know and do best – ancillary healthcare businesses. 

The Key Difference

We bring a unique set of skills to the healthcare business brokerage arena. Not only do we specialize in ancillary healthcare business for sale, we offer extensive pre- and post-transaction consulting with hands-on experience in ancillary healthcare to help the guide the way. Through key revenue enhancement strategies, we can assist in building your healthcare business into revenue-generating investments far and above your initial investment or expectations. 

We are well-versed in healthcare business mergers and acquisitions. Post transaction staffing services can ensure that mergers hit the ground running. We help ancillary healthcare business owners large and small create a smooth transition while optimizing performance and mitigating taxation. 

Would you like to improve your healthcare business performance? We can help.

Through years of hands-on experience, we know where to look and specifically what to do to create healthcare business value. Key areas of focus include revenue, owner income and business overhead.

Our pre-transaction services provide a comprehensive financial plan and a projected road map to transition, acquisition, expansion, a sale and/or retirement. Are you ready to slow down or retire? Are you ready to transition to a sale in the next two to five years? Do you wish to add healthcare businesses to your existing business portfolio?  Ancillary healthcare businesses are highly sought-after investments, not only by U.S. healthcare equity investors, but also by global healthcare investors. We have an extensive network of qualified buyers including private equity investors.

Our post-transaction services help you to create efficiency and set new standards that will serve you for years to come. Whether before a sale or after an acquisition, our healthcare business consulting pre- and post-planning services highlight specific strategies to help you achieve your goals quickly and efficiently. No more guessing. Much less stress.

Whether you are a recent startup, an established healthcare business group, or a multi-site ancillary healthcare business conglomerate, we deliver value at all levels of business.

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